Clasal manufactures piston pumps with a capacity of 1 to 100 m³/hour

Our large dewatering pumps are used for dewatering, and our smaller piston pumps for private use, in agriculture and in industry.

  • dewatering pumps for well point drainage (35 - 100m³/hour)
  • piston pumps for agriculture, industry and domestic use (1 - 53 m³/hour).

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 Piston pump in galvanized steel frame type ZD 300 by clasal

News: ZD 300 has been innovated and put in production

Clasal pump ZD 900 open skid diesel engine

GEHO dewatering pumps by Clasal

Clasal pump ZD 900 open skid diesel engine

ZD 600 pumps ready for shipment

foundry for clasal pumps own factory

Clasal has its own foundry in Zedelgem (Belgium)

Geho piston pumps by clasal diesel or electric powered

Bare Geho ZD pumps, waiting to be painted. As a customer, you choose the color yourself!

all clasal pumps are stackable for transport and storage

Clasal ZD pumps with stackable frame for transport or storage

goliath clasal piston pump ground water dewatering

Goliath pump 53 m3/h: indestructible

sea dewatering corniche road with clasal pumps

Corniche Road in Abu Dhabi with cycle paths, fountains and park areas, reclaimed from the sea between 2002 and 2003 with ZD dewatering pumps.

Clasal goliath piston pump for dewatering with large water volume

A Goliath pump used for dewatering on a pipeline project

geho piston pumps to keep water level low or equal

GEHO pumps ZD 600 keep the London Underground tunnels dry


In the Middle-East, everyone relies on the GEHO ZD pumps for many years

Clasal, your partner in groundwater management


wellpoint dewatering pumps


This ZD 600/900 OPEN FRAME ELEKTRO pump unit is one of the lightest of all dewatering pumps. This version, originally from GEHO, has proven its reliability in the past. We also offer a diesel…

dewatering pump with casing for noise reduction

wellpoint dewatering pumps

Noise reducted dewatering pump electic powered

Dewatering pump with casing for noise reduction

The ZD 900-600 Elektro Silent is one of our most popular dewatering pumps. Nearly noiseless and compact in volume. The pumps are easy to…


piston pumps


Piston pumps in combination with a pressure tank and a pressure switch form a pressurised water supply unit. Configuration can be either horizontal or vertical. Pressurised water tanks available…